T/Sheets - We talk about the stuff we love

Our design magazine. A space that describes our world and everything that is a source of inspiration for us. T/Sheets is a point of departure, not one of arrival. It aims to explore style in all its nuances, capturing influences, trends and cross-contaminations. Not only in fashion and design, but also lifestyle, fun and new trends. 

How T/Sheets was born

T / Sheets is about us. The project was born in 2006 and represents T Studio's manifesto, a statement of intent and at the same time printed proof of our ideas and our vision.

Since Issue 0, we have filled our magazine with everything that we are and that we have built around us. We talk about the stuff we love: focus on emerging and past artists, old and new fashion trends and everything that affects us and that we feel the desire to share.

T/Sheets is not just a design magazine, it is part of us and the history of T Studio, a tool for getting others to know us and for us to explore ourselves. A project that we continue with passion because it represents our work. Contact us for more information. 
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