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For over twenty years, T Studio has been designing shoes in Noventa Padovana Padova. We specialize in the design of women's footwear made with high quality materials. Every project is full of passion, experience and originality. Each idea starts from a detailed analysis of market trends, competitors 

and product positioning. This is followed by a process of graphic design including colour choice and design and realization of the prototype. Contact us for more information and find out what we can do for you. x

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What we do

In our work, we have always paid particular attention to the elegance and comfort which defines Made In Italy craftsmanship, without ever losing sight of fashion developments and new trends. All this translates into new ideas and original projects consistent with what the customer requires. In addition to the graphic design of footwear and leather goods, our business activity includes numerous consulting and graphic design services. T study regularly performs:

  • Analysis and reports of trends, moods and market strategies
  • Consulting for tanneries, colour range selection and finishing proposals
  • Design, 3D design and prototyping of soles in rubber, polyurethane and other materials
  • Graphic design of the company image, with the design and elaboration of brands, logos and labels
  • 3D design of footwear packaging, boxes, tissue, inner bags and shopping bags
  • Design of trade fair and exhibition stands
  • Interior design for store decor and shoe corners
  • Consulting for film shoots, ideas, styling, concept

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