Design Magazine in Noventa Padovana

T Studio Designer Evolution wants to expand its offer with a design magazine in Noventa Padovana. A fresh magazine that aims to quench all those who have thirst for knowledge for the fashion industry and trends in the world of footwear.
A magazine created to be a reference point, not with the aim to convey the choices, but that wants to explore every fashion corner, trying to capture all the styles and the inspirations.
Fashion does not indicate just how dressing according to an occasion or for an evening, fashion is also lifestyle, social practices, approach to entertainment, leisure time, job and everyday life.


This was the reason for the creation of T / Sheets in 2006.
T Sheets is tangible proof of our presence and a declaration of intent that is also is a beginning of a wider project. As the title suggests, is only printed paper. But this is our printed paper. So we have decided to fill it - since the number zero – with our world, that one closest to us. That one we built up around us. In all the following numbers you have found all that we are and all that we love.
There will be new trends and past tendencies, emerging and established artists and everything that strikes us that we want to share. All that we have met and we will meet along the way. All that we do not know yet or we have forgotten. All that we have lost along the way or that we found in our pockets.
Like everything and everyone in the world, we are continuously catalogued, classified and surrounded by things and people. T / Sheets is a magazine that will be a tool for us to let us know each other and also to learn about ourselves. It 'a project that we follow with passion because it represents our job. Without forgetting that at the end ... it's just a piece of paper.
For further information on the design magazine in Noventa Padovana realized by T Studio Designer Evolution, visit the contact page.