Shoe design in Noventa Padovana

T Studio Designer Evolution is a symbol of excellence in the Italian manufacturing, that works on shoe design in Noventa Padovana. The studio is specialized in the creation of collections of high-quality women's shoes as regards materials and style.
Stages of production go through all the moments of the creation of an object. As a consequence we can start from an idea sketched on a piece of paper, the result of a company briefing. The sketch is then scanned and transferred through technical drawing softwares. The next step is to select materials, colors and all the processing characteristics that the shoe needs to have. At this stage we pass to the prototyping of the real and tangible product and the correction of possible mistakes. When the prototype is approved we go on to production, where the idea definitively takes shape and is ready to be catapulted to the sales exam.


The "4 Ps" of marketing mix are developed in the concepts of the product, price, placement and promotion (translated in Italian: prodotto, prezzo, posizionamento e promozione). The marketing department team is able to offer customized solutions for each of the four variables.
The roads of the sales are endless and each shoe model has to follow his own path. First, after the definition of the product and its characteristics, tasks entrusted to the creative and production department, it is necessary to establish the market price. The final price includes many components, let's see some: the first refers to production costs (raw materials, mobile and immobile resources), the second has to be seen in the perspective of competitors' prices, the third is based on intangible aspects inherent to the value of the footwear in terms of idea, quality, status symbol, uniqueness, and so on. Before the shoes' sale, will be essential a detailed analysis of the positioning, which means a market investigation, of the demand and the competition. The promotion will be the main vehicle to introduce the product to the final customer. For further information on the activity of shoe design in Noventa Padovana of T Studio Designer Evolution, visit the contact page.